I was part of the Swiss rave scene for a long time, when it experienced its boom in the 90s. In addition to the huge variety, this scene also had its shady side, that was and is above all the high drug abuse. I also made my experiences with it and today I can testify that Jesus Christ has freed me from these entanglements, which do not really yield anything positive.

As a believing Christian, I find it important to set a different accent, especially in this community, through the message of Christian electronic dance music. Even music and dance are not forbidden in the Bible. The psalms speak a lot of music for the praise of God. However, it also warns of excessiveness, and rightly so. CEDM makes it possible to be a light for people in an often dark environment.

Personally, I have experienced Jesus Christ as a deliverer and savior and I wish everyone the same. He is the true light that came into the world. You can have fellowship with him today if you simply call his name.